How Should You Use A Self-Service Car Wash?

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How Should You Use A Self-Service Car Wash?


Self-service car wash bays have become the first-class choice for car owners preferring manual car washing and seeking the right place with car washing tools. Self-service car wash bays have been set up for taking good care of cars at an affordable price.

Nevertheless, it is highly possible you are not so familiar with the self-service car wash bays. That is why to help you with better take-up, we have stated the steps so that using it becomes easier.

What Are All You Need To Have?

Apart from your car, just prepare a few coins for running the machine at the self-service car wash bay. Bring the special tools you have for car care and maintenance. The car wash bays have been established for your convenience and there are particular types of cleaning equipment.


The Apt Steps for Using the Self-Service Car Wash Bays

Here we come to the core of our discussion.

Step 1 – Park You Car For Cleaning

Enter into the self-service car wash bays and get settled in a station. Follow the parking spot marked on the ground. If the parking spot is not there, then ensure placing your car in the middle of the garage-like bay, so there is enough room on all other sides while you are moving while cleaning.

Step 2 – Get The Interior Floor Mats Removed

Now, remove the rubber or plastic floor mats from your car’s interior, and set them against the wall to clean them later separately.

Step 3 – Locate Where is the Sprayer Wand

Next, find the sprayer or else the sprayer wand and check whether you are having easy access to the sprayers at the station. Short distances are better. But if you are unable to reach your car with the want, then change the parking position. After that, get familiarized with using the spray wand. Hold the trigger or handle above or beneath the nozzle down for releasing water. Keep the tip away from you.

Step 4 – Be Acquainted With the Sprayer Settings

This is the time for learning the different settings on the sprayer panel. The self-service you are at determines the number of settings. “Wash”, “Soap” and “Rinse” are the basic settings. Pre-washing before cleaning or waxing for completing the cleaning procedure are the other advanced options. Give some time to study the panel and its available settings so that you know how to allot time.

a. Wash – Wash your car for loosening dust, dirt, sand and grime off from your car. The spray wands consist of one to two power for levelling the pressurised water stream. However, others could have more fancy sequences.

b. Soap – Time to use solutions and cleaner for deeper cleaning of your car and eliminating grease, salt and similar stubborn vehicles.


c. Rinse – Rinse all the soaps from your car. In the basic settings, rinsing is the end of the cleaning procedure.

Step 5 – Be Familiarized With the Payment Options

Check what are payment options available – should you pay with coins, in bills or by credit cards! A board or banner will display the payment instructions. Carefully read for inserting the accepted money terms following the correct procedure. The self-service car wash bays are timed. So, right after entering the money, be sure to get to cleaning your car.

Step 6 – Use Water For Washing Your Car For Removing Loose Contaminants

Start washing now. Pointing the spray wand at your car, hold it away from yourself. Press the trigger or handle for releasing the pressurized water. Stand three to five feet away so your car is safe from being damaged by the high-pressure water. While spraying your car down from top to bottom, be careful of the shooting water straight at the engine bay. One or two laps are sufficient. But apply more water if you are seeing loose dust. After that, spray clean the floor mats which you have earlier set aside.

Step 7 – Apply Soap and Lather Your Car

Set the “soap” option on the machine panel and check how the soap is coming out of the spray when you are doing the same as the step above. Give another lap around your car for lathering up soap and cleaning thoroughly. When your car is covered in suds, be attentive to the filth-filled tyres.

Step 8 – Rinse The Soap and Suds Completely From Your Car

To rinse your car, switch the spray wand or a foam brush or sponge. Before diving into action, carefully wash your car, so no debris remnants are left behind. Clean the rinsing equipment well so there are no abrasions or scratches caused to the car’s surface. If needed, use your own fresh brush or sponge.

Step 9 – Thoroughly Scrub Your Car

Scrub all the nooks and crannies in a circular motion to eliminate any accumulated contaminants. Take quick laps so that the suds are not settled for too long on your car and develop a film.

Step 10 – Keep On Rinsing And Dry Your Car

Keep on rinsing and drying. Retrieve the spray wand from its holder and on its panel, dial “rinse”. With quick and careful laps, remove the soap completely from your car. Run water over your car four times to ensure no soapy residues are left behind. Allow it to dip dry.

Here is all about using the self-service car wash bays to wash your car.



So, that is all about giving your car a new and fresh look at the self-service car wash bays. After reading this entirely, you should develop the confidence of washing your car anytime it demands to be cleaned. Have a good time using the self-service car wash bays.

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