Twin Autos

No More Waiting

Automatic & Self-Serve

Parklands Car & Dog Wash is equipped with the latest technology equipment built here in Australia and we use high quality soaps to ensure best results. 

Customer Satisfaction

We pride ourselves for providing outstanding customer service to all our customers making sure you have the best possible experience at Parklands Car & Dog Wash

Trading Hours

Parklands Car & Dog Wash operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and we are staffed between 9:00 am to 4:00 pm everyday.

Prepaid/Gift Cards

Not sure how to surprise your loved ones, why not gift them our Gift Card, which works on the entire site and as simple as using a credit card. 

Our Services


Touch-Free Autos

Come and try our latest technology touch free automatic wash, that are capable of providing a fantastic wash without touching your car. We also use high quality Armorall Chemicals which not only provides a clean finish but also protects the paint work of your cars.


Self-Serve Bays

Parklands Carwash has the best self-service bays in town that provide everything you need to have your car looking spick and span!

6 Turbo Vacuums

We have 6 high suction vacuums.  These take Card or $1 & $2 coins

Twin Dog Wash for your Pets

Give your dog a thorough clean using our convenient, DIY facilities.

At Parklands we love dogs! That’s why we have installed Twin do it yourself dog washing facilities that cater for dogs of any shape or size.

Take advantage of our full range of Fido Hypo Allergenic shampoos, conditioners and flea treatments with the added comfort of warm water and a blow dry. We even warm the air in winter and cool it down in summer to make sure your pet stays nice and comfortable!  ($10 minimum)

Accepting Cash or
Credit/ Debit Card at every point of sale

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