DIY Self-Service Bay Wash

Welcome to Parklands Car & Dog Wash, where we believe that keeping your vehicle clean should be easy and convenient. That’s why we offer DIY Self-Serve Wash Bays, where you can wash your car quickly and affordably. Our Self-Serve Wash Bays are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment and a variety of wash options to suit your needs.

Wash Away all your worries with the following steps: 


The first step in our Self-Serve Wash Bays is to use our Pre-Soak option, which helps to loosen and remove dirt and grime that is stuck to the surface of your car. Our high-quality Pre-Soak solution is specially formulated to help break down stubborn grime and dirt, making it easier to clean.

Tyre & Engine Cleaner

Our DIY Self-Serve Wash Bays also include the option of using our Tyre & Engine Cleaner. This powerful solution is designed to remove brake dust, oil, and other stubborn residues from your car’s wheels and engine, giving your car a truly deep clean.

High-Pressure Soap

After the Pre-Soak and Tyre & Engine Cleaner, the next step is to use our High-Pressure Soap option. Our high-quality soap solution is designed to create a thick and luxurious lather, which helps to remove any remaining dirt and grime from your car’s exterior surface.

Foam Brush:

For an even deeper clean, we offer a Foam Brush option. Our Foam Brush uses soft bristles to gently scrub away dirt and grime, leaving your car looking like new. The Foam Brush option is great for getting into hard-to-reach areas of your car, such as wheel wells and undercarriage.

High-Pressure Rinse

After using the Foam Brush or High-Pressure Soap, it’s time to rinse away any remaining dirt and grime. Our High-Pressure Rinse option provides a powerful spray of water that quickly and efficiently rinses your car’s exterior clean.

Clear Coat Protectant Wax

To protect your car’s finish and keep it looking shiny and new, we offer the Clear Coat Protectant Wax option. This specially formulated wax creates a protective barrier between your car’s paint and the elements, helping to prevent damage from dirt, rain, and UV rays.

Splatter Wax

For an even more comprehensive clean, we also offer the Splatter Wax option. This special wax formula is designed to cling to your car’s surface, providing a deep and long-lasting shine. The Splatter Wax option is perfect for those who want to give their car an extra layer of protection against the elements.

High-Pressure Wax

If you’re looking for the ultimate in car protection, our High-Pressure Wax option is the perfect choice. This advanced wax formula uses high-pressure water jets to apply a thick and even layer of wax to your car’s exterior, helping to protect it from scratches, UV rays, and other damage.

Marine Flush

Our DIY Self-Serve Wash Bays aren’t just for cars! We also offer the Marine Flush option for boats and jet skis. This option uses a specially formulated solution to remove salt and other debris from your boat or jet ski, helping to keep it running smoothly and looking great.

Spot Free Rinse

After washing and waxing your car, the last step is to use our Spot Free Rinse option. This final rinse ensures that all soap and wax residue is removed from your car’s surface, leaving it spotless and shiny.

At Parklands Car & Dog Wash, our DIY Self-Serve Wash Bays offer a quick, affordable

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