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Welcome to Parklands Car & Dog Wash Corporate Card Program!

At Parklands Car & Dog Wash, we understand the importance of convenience and flexibility for our valued clients, whether you are an individual customer or a corporate entity. That’s why we offer our exclusive Corporate Cards to cater to your unique needs.

For Individual Clients:

How to Get Your Corporate Card

Getting your very own Parklands Corporate Card is as easy as reaching out to our friendly staff. Simply contact us, and we’ll provide you with all the details you need to obtain your physical card.

Easy Registration and Recharge

Once you have your Corporate Card in hand, you can quickly and conveniently register it on our user-friendly portal. This allows you to recharge your card whenever you like, with each recharge granting you extra credits – up to an incredible 30% extra credit!

Auto Top-Up for Worry-Free Usage

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually recharging your card each time. Our Auto Top-Up feature enables you to set a threshold, and whenever your card balance drops below it, our system will automatically recharge it for you. Enjoy peace of mind and uninterrupted service.

For Corporate Clients:

Tailored Solutions for Corporate Needs

We understand that corporate clients often require multiple cards for their employees, associates, or customers. Our system is designed to accommodate these specific needs.

Effortless Card Management

Corporate clients can easily add and remove associates, assign and transfer Corporate Cards, and recharge the entire account with just a few clicks. You have full control over your Corporate Cards, allowing you to allocate unassigned credit to linked cards as needed.

Auto Top-Up for Every Level

Our Auto Top-Up functionality is available not only for the entire account but also for each individual Corporate Card. This streamlines the process, making it incredibly convenient.

Prepaid and Postpaid Options:

We offer both Prepaid and Postpaid portals to suit your financial preferences.

Prepaid Portal

For those who prefer prepaid services, enjoy the benefits of extra credits with each recharge. Manage your card balances, Auto Top-Up preferences, and more with ease.

Postpaid Portal

Corporate clients can opt for our postpaid option, where we issue credits to each card, and you receive a consolidated invoice at the end of the billing cycle. This option simplifies your bookkeeping by reducing the number of transactions on your company’s bank statement.

At Parklands Car & Dog Wash, we strive to provide unparalleled convenience and flexibility to all our clients, whether individual or corporate. Our Corporate Card program is designed with your needs in mind, offering a seamless experience for all.

Join us today and experience the ultimate in car and dog wash convenience with Parklands Corporate Cards!

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