How Should You Bathe Your Dog?

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How Should You Bathe Your Dog?


Skipping the dog’s bath time is the most unhealthy practice for the pooches. As a pet parent, you have to be firmly aware that your dog’s coat and skin should be in top health, and bathing it regularly is important. In fact, bathing your furry friend keeps it clean, and absolutely free of dirt and parasites. In fact, when you clean your pooch, then the feel is more pleasant to have it around.

Now if you have newly bought home a pet dog, then we have here helped you with a few insights on how to bathe your dog. First, make sure to consult a veterinary regarding all your pooch’s needs before you start bathing it.

So, How Should You Go About Bathing Your Dog?

Once your dog is ready to cooperate, then here is how you should go about –

a. Before you bathe your dog, brush it. Dogs could develop irritated skin if their matted hair is holding water. Take help from professional groomers, if needed, for brushing or cutting the mats out.

b. Remember to use lukewarm water, since the dog’s skin is different from a human’s. In hot water, the dogs can easily burn. So, the hot water temperature should be like that of the human baby. For the larger breed dogs, keep it even cooler so they do not overheat.

c. Maintain a calm and reassuring voice while talking to your dog. Eventually, the dogs will learn they are not being tortured.

d. Use only dog shampoo, since it dries their skin less than people’s shampoo. Gently lather and massage all over the dog’s body. Be careful the soap does not get into their eyes.

e. Rinse the dog well. If any soap is left on the fur, it will irritate the dog’s skin after it has dried. Keep on rinsing till all the soap has gone.

f. Take to air–drying it. A human’s blow-dryer emits hot air that is too hot for dog skin. So, use an air dryer or else a blow-dryer that is designed for dogs. These have lower temperatures which won’t be causing itching or dandruff.

g. Be friendly with rewarding your dog. Praise it abundantly by petting and playing with it after bathing it. Then it won’t run away with the bath towel, and would not play exuberant tug-of-war with the bath towel.


So, you know it all by now. We have given some very easy tips to follow for the good of your dog. Once you have habituated it to calmer bathing and taken it to the dog wash bays, then your dog is sure to cooperate with every other bathing session.

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